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Premium Waterproofing Inc. is a family owned & operated basement waterproofing and foundation repair company, serving Fox Valley & Northeast IL residents and contractors for over 20 Years.

Here at Premium Waterproofing we provide a 100% safe and effective waterproofing service including foundation waterproofing and basement waterproofing. Our foundation waterproofing method benefits a range of surfaces, including concrete and block, right through to tile and slabs from issues such as leakage or seeping.

Premium Waterproofing strives to reassure your worries of damp and unsafe environments and provide you with a healthier and long lasting home. Conditions such as mold thrive in damp environments and can create damaging and costly results. Our waterproofing service is here to help create a usable space which is as good as new.

Basement conditions can often be unnoticeable to the homeowner, and mold can form and spread rapidly and worsen the conditions of the flooring and roofing. Premium Waterproofing can provide fast and efficient repair services for basement waterproofing to fix those flood, crack and damp related problems. Our expertise does not lie only with water-based repairs, but also prevention. Flood and damp proofing alongside epoxy floor coatings and drainage are just some of the many reliable methods we use in order to put peace of mind to you, your family, and your home.

Premium Waterproofing are dedicated in providing quality water maintenance services that provide minimal disruption to the tenants. Our attention to detail and experience in the field has resulted in our increased customer satisfaction rate and returning clientele. Our professionals here at Premium Waterproofing are experts at identifying and fixing even the smallest problems that may otherwise result in a long term health risk in the future. We provide competitive pricing rates and quality tooling in order to provide the highest satisfaction rate possible.

Call or submit a request online and receive a free estimate today. We look forward to assisting and solving your waterproofing issues in the near future.