Interior Drain Tile Systems

Standard Interior Drain Tile System

Basements with water entering where the floor and wall meet or through floor cracks, is water being forced up beneath the floor due to hydrostatic pressure. Installing a standard interior drain tile system with sump pump will allow an escape path for the water, relieving hydrostatic pressure, and keeping your floor dry. This system will not control wall leaks.

Installing an interior drain tile system requires us to cut and remove the concrete floor around the entire perimeter of basement approximately 1 ft. wide, hand digging the soil 10″ in depth. We install 4″ perforated drain tile covered with ¾” stone, and connect the drain tile to sump pit with sump pump. Re-pour entire perimeter of concrete floor. This is a dusty dirty job and dust prevention to protect the rest of the house is the homeowner’s responsibility. Tips and advice on dust prevention will be given at consult.

Premium Interior Drain Tile System

Block foundation homes with water entering the basement through the floor and the walls, will require our premium interior drain tile system to be installed, this system is our standard system with three additional steps to control water seeping through block walls. These additional steps require drilling holes at the bottom of each block to relieve pressure, install a gutter channel system and installing vapor barrier to interior walls.

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