5 Clear Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Waterproofing

Water damage is probably one of the most common types of damage that many homes experience. When your home’s foundation basement-flooding-woodridge-il-premium-waterproofing-3  comes into contact with water, a number of things happen. One is non-structural damage, which involves seepage of water through cracks, wall joints, and other porous sections of the foundation walls.

The second one is structural damage, which is mostly associated with hydrostatic pressure. As the soil that anchors the foundation becomes saturated with water, its weight is increased. In turn, the soil exerts more hydrostatic pressure on the walls, causing them to bend or warp little by little.

All kinds of water damage are associated with the growth of mold in places such as basements as a result of the damp environment.

Foundation waterproofing helps stop the seepage of moisture and water through the foundation of a home, thus lowering the risk of the building being damaged by water. Foundation waterproofing is also key to keeping basements and crawlspaces dry, thus eliminating the growth of mold in these places. 

For effective results, you need to work with a certified basement repair contractor. The following are some clear signals that your home needs foundation waterproofing services.

  1. Presence of Water or Moisture in the Basement

The presence of moisture in your basement is the clearest indicator that water is seeping through your home’s foundation. Water or moisture may be in the form of puddles on the floor, damp walls, condensation on windows, and coldness in the basement.

  1. Musty odor in the Basement

If your basement is smelly and there is no clear explanation for this, you could be having a mold problem. Since mold thrives in damp conditions, you need to let a contractor check the basement and waterproof it appropriately.

  1. Patches of Mold in the Basement

If you can see blemishes or patches of mold in the basement, it is clear that the basement has high humidity or is moist and needs to be waterproofed.

  1. Foundation Wall and Floor Cracks

Cracks on the walls and floor of the basement cause moisture to seep in. If water seeps from the ground or through cracks on the floor, basement-waterproofing-st-charles-il-premium-waterproofing-2 it will cause notable damage to the basement’s floor. Similarly, seepage of water through the basement’s walls can expand the cracks and compromise the walls’ firmness.

  1. Warping Foundation Walls

If the soil that holds your home’s foundation is constantly wet due to poor drainage, faulty gutters or plumbing leaks, it will exert more hydrostatic pressure on the foundation walls and cause them to curve. If you notice that your foundation walls are bending, you urgently need to call a dependable foundation waterproofing contractor.