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Damp proofing vs. waterproofing the home’s foundation is one of the single most important decisions a homeowner can make. Inferior coatings can compromise the foundation of the home, subjecting it to the devastating effects of water, which can create mold and mildew.

Damp proofing is an asphalt based foundation coating spray applied to the exterior foundation to meet minimum county building code requirements. This product will only prevent dampness through foundation walls. This product will not prevent leaks in foundation walls.

High-quality waterproofing using the latest technology and materials is the answer to eliminating the dangers of water penetration, resulting in dry, healthy, worry-free basement living that can last a lifetime. We offer two different waterproofing membranes, Mar-Flex Quick Seal & Fusion waterproofing.

Quick Seal is a seamless modified polymer waterproofing emulsion and serves as an affordable upgrade from entry level damp proofing, offers a 10 year warranty on foundation wall leaks. Fusion is a gray 100% virgin polymer waterproofing membrane. Its permanent elasticity allows it to move with the expansion and contraction of wall surfaces and will not evaporate or lose its flexibility. It resists freeze thaw cycles and outlasts conventional damp proofing methods. Fusion waterproofing membrane installed with protection board, offers a Lifetime Warranty on foundation wall leaks.


Wall cracks in poured concrete foundations are the most common way water enters the basement. The main cause for wall cracks is from the settling or shrinkage of concrete during the curing process. Cracks usually run diagonally or vertically from the top of the foundation to the bottom, and are less than 1/8″ wide (hairline). Because wall cracks go all the way through the foundation to the soil, we are able to repair from the interior or the exterior. Our repair method is a two step Epoxy/Urethane injection. The Epoxy paste is used to set injection ports every 6″ from top to bottom of crack and to bridge the surface of the crack. The Urethane is then injected into the each individual port, which than expands filling the entire crack from the top to bottom and out to soil.

We offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on crack repair.


A sinking foundation can be caused by a number of different issues, such as poor inadequate drainage, plumbing leaks, extreme dry soil, or poor soil conditions. These issues can be permanently corrected using our foundation underpinning system, which stabilizes the foundation and prevents any further vertical settlement. Pre-engineered steel piers (galvanized pipes) are installed beneath the base of the foundation wall (footing) and driven into bedrock or load bearing strata. This is a proven method which is more effective and economical as compared to the rebuilding of the entire foundation on unstable soil, and is also less invasive.

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Today’s workplace is a demanding and changing environment, to meet those needs we offer multiple floor coating systems to address specific requirements for commercial and industrial flooring and restoration markets. Whether you are looking for high performance, extreme durability, ease of maintenance, or a distinctive beautiful look, we stand ready to help cover your floor with one of our floor coating systems.

Premium Waterproofing, Inc. offers unique interior commercial flooring products that create an elegant and dramatic visual effect, wherever they are installed. The open aggregate DecoStone gives the appearance of carpet. Our other commercial floors DecoFlake and DecoQuartz incorporate a combination of colored acrylic chips, flakes, or colored quartz granules that are dispersed across the floor surface. With a variety of colors and slip resistant textures that match virtually any environment, or color motif, these decorative floors are environmental safe. They offer many of the performance features of industrial floors while providing an attractive decorative surface.

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