Basement Waterproofing

Our basement waterproofing services ensure that your home’s foundation stays dry and can be used in corrective or preventative situations. Premium Waterproofing has the experience to keep your home’s foundation dry and safe. 

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Premium Waterproofing provides solutions for the following areas:

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation crack repair is necessary because any cracks in the foundation present the easiest way for water to get into your home or business. The cracks are typically about 1/8 inch and go all the way through the foundation. Because of this, they can be treated from the inside or the outside.

When you require foundation crack repair, you want to ensure the company you hire is experience. You can found out more about our methods on our foundation crack repair page. Learn More About Foundation Crack Repair.

We offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on foundation crack repair.

Window Wells and Accessories

Window wells are a great way to let light into the basement and make it a little more inviting. But if water can get in the window well area, it’s an easy place for it to seep into the home and the foundation.

Sometimes the window well stand pipe will let moisture in when it’s too old. Sometimes window well caps and other accessories need to be replaced. Find out more on our window wells and accessories page.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Moisture in the home can lead to all sorts of adverse effects, including structural damage, and health hazards for the home’s occupants. Crawl space encapsulation makes it impossible for moisture to build or enter your home’s main areas through the crawlspace.

Crawlspace encapsulation is a great way to create a healthier home, protect it from structural damage, and even increase its value.

Find out more on our crawlspace encapsulation page.

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Water in the basement can lead to structural damage, mold growth, and even health issues for you and your loved ones. If you have moisture in the basement of your suspect that you do, it’s essential to act fast. Call us at (630) 879-6116 or complete the contact form today!

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Basement Waterproofing Diagram

The graphic below shows common weaknesses and points of entry where water can enter your basement. Trust the waterproofing experts at Premium to fix your basement leak issues the first time!

Grading Issues

Window Wells

Tie Rods

Foundation Wall Cracks

Pipe Penetration


Damaged Concrete

Cove Joint

Sump Pump

Floor Drain

Floor Cracks

Cove Joint

  1. Grading Issues
  2. Window Wells
  3. Tie Rods
  4. Foundation Wall Cracks
  5. Pipe Penetration
  6. Mortar
  7. Damaged Concrete
  8. Cove Joint
  9. Sump Pump
  10. Floor Drain
  11. Floor Cracks
  12. Cove Joint

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