Window Wells and Accessories

Eliminate Water Around Your Window Wells

Window wells can offer a great way to get additional light and ventilation in the basement. They can even serve as an exit in the case of an emergency. But sometimes, the different components of the window well begin to age and might need replacement. Premium Weatherproofing is an experienced contractor ready to help you replace your window well.

Stand Pipe Replacement

Water accumulating and settling in the window wells outside the home can start to seep in through the window and get into the home. Water then trails down the wall and spreads onto the floor. This source of water in the basement is usually the easiest to detect. This usually means the window well standpipe drain is plugged with debris. We can resolve this problem with minor excavation, replacing the standpipe drain, and reconnect it with the existing drain system.

Window Well Replacement

Window wells are designed to keep earth away from the basement windows while still allowing light into the basement. Rusted and deformed window wells will allow soil erosion into the window well drain, causing future drainage issues. This can be resolved with minor excavation and replacement. We can replace any size window well and offer a variety of choices from Bowman Kemp and Monarch products.

Window Well Accessories

We offer a variety of window well accessories, including:

  • Window well covers – Covers are essential in shielding your window well from debris, leaves, and snow.
  • Window well liners – Liners turn your window well into an aesthetic feature that enhances the look of your home.
  • Window well grates – Grates protect your window wells by deterring potential intruders and preventing debris from falling in while still letting light in.

Go With the Window Well Replacement Company You Can Trust

When you need window wells replaced, it’s important you go with a company that understands what it takes to do the job right. Premium Waterproofing knows what it takes to ensure that you’ll no longer experience water damage through an old window well. Call us today at (630) 879-6116 or complete the form for a free evaluation!

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