Bowed Wall Repair

Pressure from the exterior ground soil can cause block foundation walls to bow and deflect inward, resulting in catastrophic structural failure. We specialize in the repair of bowed foundation walls and can prevent your block foundation walls from structural failure. Depending on the circumstances we will use one of two accepted methods:  One method requires installing a non-intrusive strengthening system using carbon fiber straps that are less than 1/16 “thick and are ten times stronger than steel beams. Installing the Carbon fiber straps on the interior walls holds the foundation in place and prevents any further bowing.  These straps are faster to install and are more affordable than steel beams.  They are also corrosion resistant and can be painted. The second method is more intrusive, as it requires us to brace the interior foundation walls and excavate the exterior ground soil. We then push the walls back into place; install steel bars vertically into each block and pump the wall full of concrete. After allowing the concrete to cure for 24 hours, we waterproof the block foundation wall with one of our waterproofing membranes, and backfill the ground soil.  The braces are removed from the foundation walls after 3-5 days. This method not only pushes the wall back into place, but it also prevents future bowing.

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