Underground Yard Drains

Protect Your Home from Excessive Water Buildup

Excessive water buildup can seriously threaten your foundation, especially if it pools too closely to your home. Underground yard drains solve this problem by efficiently diverting water away from your property. Premium Waterproofing installs underground yard drains, sometimes known as French drains, as a way to protect our customers’ homes from water damage.

Underground yard drains control and carry water from the downspouts and sump pump discharge line away from the home’s foundation, into a small catch basin. This allows large amounts of water to be dispersed away from the house and across the yard, preventing seepage and future structural foundation problems.

Why We Install Yard Drains

  • Prevent Water Damage – Underwater drains prevent water from pooling near your home and eliminate it as a threat.
  • Protect Landscaping – When you flush out excess water, you are preventing plants from over-watering.
  • Increase Home Value – The more protections your home has from water damage, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers.

Underground Drain Installation

The installation process involves planning and labor, but the end result is a drainage system that actively works to keep excess water away from your home. We dig trenches, lay pipe, then backfill the underground drain.

Types of Underground Yard Drains

    • Perforated Pipe System – A perforated pipe is buried in a trench and covered with gravel. The pipe collects water and moves it away from the home.
    • Gravel-Less Pipe System – This system uses a corrugated pipe with slits, with an easier and more cost-effective installation process.
    • A Catch Basin – Underground catch basins collect water and direct it away from the home through a system of pipes.

Choose an Experienced Waterproofing Company

When it comes to underground yard drain installation, choosing a company with experience is essential. Premium Waterproofing ensures that your home will be protected from pooling water when you hire us to install your underground drains. Call us today at (630) 879-6116 or complete the form for a free evaluation!

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