Back Up Sump Pump Systems

Another Level of Protection from Water Damage

Backup sump pump systems are critical for maintaining a dry basement, especially during heavy rainfalls or power outages. When your primary system fails, a backup ensures continuous protection against water damage.

You can rest easier knowing your home is still protected even if the primary system doesn’t work. The backup will work to prevent water buildup in the basement. Premium Waterproofing finds and installs the best backup sump pumps for your home or business.

A Battery-Powered Backup Provides Another Layer of Protection

Installing a second backup sump pump that is battery-powered in case the primary pump fails should be considered in all homes – especially those with finished basements. Setting up a battery backup sump pump system involves purchasing one of our Peak Flow sump pump components.

Battery-powered backup sump pumps are a complete backup system, running with their own pump, float switch, and power source. They are designed to run when there’s a power loss or a failure with the primary pump. This ensures active work is still being done to eliminate the threat of flooding or water damage inside the home.

We recommend that backup sump pump systems be tested monthly. Homeowners can easily do this by unplugging the primary sump pump just after a rainstorm, allowing the sump pit to fill, and verifying that the backup sump pump system activates and empties the sump pump pit. This amounts to another layer of protection against water damage for your home or business.

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