Damp Proofing / Waterproofing

Inferior coatings can compromise your home’s foundation, subjecting it to the numerous devastating effects of water, including exposure to mold and mildew.

Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is an asphalt-based foundation coating spray applied to the exterior foundation to meet minimum county building code requirements. This product will only prevent dampness through foundation walls. This product will not prevent leaks in foundation walls. We only utilize the highest quality waterproofing materials. Our basic damp proofing material is supplied by Pure Asphalt.


Sure Dry, supplied by Pure Asphalt, is a seamless modified polymer waterproofing emulsion and serves as an affordable upgrade from entry level damp proofing, which offers a 10-year warranty on foundation wall leaks.

Fusion, supplied by Mar-Flex, is a gray 100% virgin polymer waterproofing membrane. Its permanent elasticity allows it to move with the expansion and contraction of wall surfaces and will not evaporate or lose its flexibility. It resists freeze thaw cycles and outlasts conventional damp proofing methods. Fusion waterproofing membrane installed with protection board, offers a Lifetime Warranty on foundation wall leaks.

Mechanically Installed Waterproofing

Premium Waterproofing, Inc., installs Consella Dorken’s Delta MS Waterproofing System,

Mar-Flex Geo Mat System, and Geo Mat Plus System. All products are designed to direct water straight down to the drain tile system.

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