Basement Systems – Important Factors to Consider in Installing French Drains Downers Grove, IL

French drains are often part of basement systemsThese drains help to keep water out of the basement and prevent flooding. However, they are only effective if installed properly. When French drains are not properly installed, they can make the situation worse instead of better. 

In order to ensure that basement systems are effective, the following must be considered while installing French drains. 

  1. Inspecting for utilities 

Many utilities often lie hidden below ground. There is, therefore, a great risk of damaging utility lines such as home plumbing, sewer lines, and gas lines when installing French drains. Damaging these lines during installation can result in flooding or dangerous conditions in the basement. basement-systems-downers-grove--il-premium-waterproofing-1

Contact your utility company or the municipality to determine where these utility lines lie and learn where it is safe to dig. 

       2. Pay attention to the direction of the flow of water. 

This sounds obvious, but it is a common issue when French drains are installed. Many people get right to installing the French drains without considering how water flows on the landscape. They don’t consider the flow of water and therefore install their drains poorly. This results in the pooling of water and flooding of the basement. 

It is important to take time and consider how water flows on your property. This includes considering where the gutters drain and the slope of your landscape. All these factors should be considered for efficient French drain design. 

     3. Line the trench 

Failing to line the trench is a common problem when homeowners choose to DIY the installation of the French drain. It also occurs with inexperienced contractors. Failing to line the trench will result in debris entering the drain. This results in clogging of the drain, which can eventually result in flooding. 

It is important to line the trench with nonwoven fabric designed specifically for these drainage systems. This will keep debris out while letting water into the drain. basement-systems-downers-grove--il-premium-waterproofing-2

Ensure Proper Installation of Basement Systems By Hiring a Professional 

The best way to ensure the proper installation of your French drain and basement system is by hiring a licensed and experienced contractor. They will pay attention to various details that an amateur wouldn’t be aware of. Be sure to ask the contractor about the details of the system they intend to have installed on your property. Compare proposals from at least three contractors to ensure you make the best choice. 

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