Foundation Waterproofing – Why Does My Wood Floor Feel Soft?

Engineered or solid hardwood floors are a great flooring option. These floors are highly sought after as they are timeless. They are also foundation-repair-downers-grove-il-premium-waterproofing-1 comfortable under any weather conditions. These floors are durable, aesthetically pleasing, perfect for creating a cozy home atmosphere. These floors are particularly comfortable to walk on. They feel more comfortable to walk on than other hard floor options such as tile or polished concrete. However, if your solid hardwood or engineered wood floors feel soft, this could be a sign of a serious issue. 

Excessive Moisture 

In many cases, that soft feeling with your solid hardwood floors or engineered wood floors is a result of a foundation waterproofing problem. These floors are particularly sensitive to exposure to moisture. When moisture seeps through the foundation and is absorbed into the floor system, it will cause the planks of wood to swell. The floor will begin to bend and twist out of shape. You may notice that your floor begins buckling, cupping, peaking or sagging. When this happens, the wood detaches from the subfloor in some areas. Your floor may then begin to feel bouncier, spongy or softer in some spots. If the exposure to moisture continues, the wood will begin to split. 

Repairing a hardwood floor can be very costly. Engineered wood floors are more affordable. They are also more resistant to moisture. However, they can also succumb to damage if exposed to moisture for an extended period. It is therefore important to address the moisture problems as soon as possible. Investing in foundation waterproofing will not only preserve your floor but also the structure of your home. 

Differential Settlement 

This can occur as a result of soil movement, poor construction practices or an inadequate structural design. Soil movement however, is the most common cause for uneven settlement of the foundation. Soil movement typically occurs when soils expand significantly when wet and shrink just as significantly when dry. The foundation shifts and settles unevenly. This movement results in peaking, cupping, buckling and even sagging of the floor system. Your floor will feel soft and bouncy in various areas. 

Fix the Underlying Problem 

If you notice that your hardwood or engineered wood floors feel bouncy or soft, don’t dive straight into repairing the floor. You should first deal with the underlying problem. Contact a foundation waterproofing contractor to protect your foundation and then repair your floors.